Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our webpage to register your company in our system https://training.safetyfirstconsulting.ca/group-leader-registration/ The person registering will receive the welcome email used to activate the account in the system. You must activate your account via the emailed link before you can begin using the system.

Absolutely! Contact us via phone at 905-669-5444 or via email at webadmin@safetyfirstconsulting.ca . We will require your company information, email address and users’ information to enter your company into our system. We will also require your credit card information if that is your preferred method of payment.

Unfortunately, not. We are unable to provide and maintain email accounts for you. 

See link below to help set up a free g-mail account for all users who require an email address.


Please call us at 905-669-5444 or via email at webadmin@safetyfirstconsulting.ca to have your individual account changed to a “Business Account”. Please note, a business account cannot be converted back to an individual account.

Please be sure you are using “Google Chrome” as your web browser and make sure your internet connection is working. Our site is designed specifically for use with Google Chrome. If you are still are experiencing issues when using Chrome and you are connected to the internet, please contact support via phone at 905-669-5444 so that we can provide assistance.

Yes. There is no limit to the number of attempts one can make to take a course. Students may also refer back to any course they have completed to reference training information.

Adding a user
  1. Select the group to add the user to
  2. Click on the add Users button with the down arrow and select an option
  3. To add one user click Add one Enter their first name, last name, and email address
  4. To add multiple people manually click on Add multiple Enter their first names, last names, and email addresses
  5. To upload a .csv file with users click on Upload Users
Your certificate will be emailed to email address provided after successfully completing a course. If you do not receive your certificate, please contact your company’s account manager or a Safety First consulting support specialist at 905-669-5444 or via email at info@safetyfirstconsulting.ca and we will be happy to assist you.

Print certificates:

  1. Click on the gear icon next to the cart icon dashboard/progress report
  2. Search by name or email address

You will automatically receive an email when any of your completed certificates are due to expire. After you have purchased your renewal license via the received renewal link, you will be granted access to the expired course. You are only required to pass the quizzes/exams again to be issued a new certificate.

If the training was arranged by your employer, you will notify your supervisor that it is time to renew

You can download the csv file. You can fill out the names and email addresses and import this directly to the business account which is already created. This is useful for larger companies and groups. You can find this csv file on your account.

  1. Click on the gear icon next to the cart icon dashboard/manage employees, scroll to “Enroll Users” USERS drop-down.

The spelling of students’ first name, last name, and email address must be exact for each person entered into the system**

Unfortunately, there are no refunds. The enrolled user can be deleted if they have not begun any courses in their group.
  1. Deleting user if they have not begun any courses in their group:
  2. Select the group where the user is registered
  3. Select the user by (click on the box) next to the user
  4. Select Remove User
Add new employee/user to the group. Available licenses will automatically be assigned to them
  1. You cannot delete a user who has started/completed a course. Please contact our support team if you require additional assistance.
Information required: Your company name, employee/user’s first and last name, email address that is to be removed from the system.

It is possible you added the course to your cart which would require payment. However, in the case that the course has been purchased by your employer, there are two ways to get to this course:

1) Head to the top right of the page, click the settings button to open up your dashboard, and click “My Courses”. The course you are enrolled in will be available.

2) If you’re already on the courses page, instead of adding to cart, simply click the name of the course or the image above it. This should take you to a page where it shows you have been enrolled and can begin the course.